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Papaspiros Has So Many Excellent Greek Meals For All You Meat-Lovers Out There!

At Papaspiros, we have many entrees for you, your friends, and family to enjoy. With so many soups and salads to get your started, you'll definitely be ready for a hearty plate of whatever you chose to order. To help you narrow down your decision (and believe us, we know that everything looks 'so good') we have highlighted some of our staff's favorite picks!


How could we not start with our award winning Gyros! What? You didn't know? No worries, we don't remind repeating ourselves, as we have won the best gyros in Oak Park multiple times. On Tripadvisor you will see our Gyros with ground beef and lamb, served with tzatziki sauce will cause your mouth to salivate!


Next, straight from the boiler, served right to your table are one of our specialties. Our Chicken Souvlaki! Expertly seasoned skewered marinated boneless & skinless breast of chicken, served with a rice pilaf for you, sizzling hot. Opa!


Although there is so much on the menu to try, we want to tell you about one more thing. We will give you a hint. It's a Greek Classic. It's delicious. And it's one of our specialties. Hmmm, now that we think of it, that probably doesn't narrow it down at all! Here, I'll tell you: It is two Greek style center-cut chops, served with oven roasted potatoes. If you haven't guessed it yet it's our Pork Chops! Come in soon to try one of these things! Or all of them! Opa!


Papaspiros Restaurant

728 Lake Street

Oak Park IL




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