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Enjoy an Excellent Three Course Meal at Papaspiros!

Papaspiros is back again with new deals on our social media pages! Join soon to not miss specials because they won't last forever. Today, you don't have to cook. Come into Papaspiros and we will treat you like family with our vast assortment of excellent Greek food. Opa!


Here at Papaspiros, we have soups and salads for your pleasure! Might we recommend our Agora Salata, pictured with one of our classic salad dressings. It's freshly chopped romaine lettuce, crumbled feta cheese, and juicy diced tomatoes are just waiting for you to enjoy!


Following your first course, a hearty meal of the Kalamari Pasta will be waiting for you. Sautéed squid, vegetables, and shell pasta, in a light tomato sauce made fresh and served right to your table!


Last, but certainly not least, why not finish the meal off with something sweet. Hmmm, why not our...Chocolate Mousse Cake! It is delicious for any chocolate lovers out there. Come try the tasty treat soon with chocolate drippings!


Papaspiros Restaurant

728 Lake Street

Oak Park IL




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