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All Different Kinds of Salads are Available at Papaspiros!

At Papaspiros, we are known for our crunchy and delicious Greek Salads. Much to your surprise, there is now so much to try on the menu! We have delicious culinary creations that await you at Papaspiros Greek cuisine. Plus, don't forget our fresh salads for you to enjoy with your friends and family! Opa!


If you like feta cheese, then our Horiatiki Salad is perfect for you! Juicy tomato wedges, crisp sliced cucumbers, Kalamata olives, red onions, and feta cheese served in a bowl just waiting for you. For salad dressing you might try our pepperoncini with red wine vinaigrette.


Or, if you're more in the mood for something crisp and full of yummy vegetables, enjoy our Elliniki Salad. A mixture of romaine and iceberg lettuce, with fresh juicy tomatoes, crisp sliced cucumbers, and flavorful Kalamata olives. Try our Spicy Pepperoncini with Red Wine Dressing!


Last, but not least, there is always the classic Agora Salad! Its chopped fresh romaine lettuce, crumbled feta cheese, and juicy diced tomatoes, with scallions, fresh dill, and Kalamata olives. The Agora Salad is brought to a point of excellence. With our classic Papaspiros Salad Dressings.


Papaspiros Restaurant

728 Lake Street

Oak Park IL




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