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Spend This Chilly Day at the Warm Greek Atmosphere of Papaspiros - Customers say Best Greek food.

At Papaspiros, we have a wide range of Greek Entrees for you to enjoy! At 728 Lake Street, we give you a little taste of Greece all the way in Oak Park. Scroll down to check out an assortment of courses for you try! Opa!


First we would love to talk about our Mousaka! A traditional Greek meal that has been creating mouthwatering taste sensations for the last 23 years! Its mixture of zucchini, potatoes, and ground meat; topped with a fluffy bechamel sauce is to die for!


From the Greek broiled dinners, we bring you the expertly seasoned Pork Chops served hot off the open flames, right to your table. Two excellent Greek style chops that are center-cut, served with delicious over-roasted potatoes. This here is a culinary masterpiece! Opa! Don't believe us? Come on in to Papaspiros to try!


And of course we have to end with something sweet to balance out all the savory! Which is none other than our Baklava. Its rich taste with pistachio flavors covered in our delicious sweet sauce is one of the many perfect ways to end your meal at Papaspiros. Hope to see you here soon!


Papaspiros Restaurant

728 Lake Street

Oak Park IL




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