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It's the Middle of the Week! Celebrate at Papaspiros Restaurant! Create your own Greek Mediterra

Enjoy a Three Dip Trio Appetizer with family and friends! Choose three traditional pita spreads from Greece: Taramosalata (Creamy Pink Caviar Spread), Tzatziki (Yogurt Garlic and Herbs), Hummus (Beans, Ground Sesame Seeds, Lemon and Garlic Spread), and Scordalia (Mashed Potato, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fresh Garlic). Next, enjoy a Kokonisto Braised Lamb in Traditional Red Sauce with Warm Spices over Orzo, Rice, Potatoes, or with Vegetables of the Day. Don't forget your dessert like Galaktoboureko Lemon Custard in a Honey Drizzling Sauce with Delicate Filo Topping. Papaspiros Restaurant 728 Lake St. Oak Park IL (708) 358-1700 papaspiroslive.com baroakpark.com

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