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Enjoy a Signature Appetizer at Papaspiros!

In the Greek Isles, many people work until late in the evening. It has become a long standing custom to have a late afternoon break, and a small meal featuring light dishes known as Meze or Appetizers. At Papaspiros Restaurant at 728 Lake Street Oak Park, IL there are many beautiful appetizer options to choose from. If Vegetarian, try the fluffy golden Spanakopita Feta, spinach and herb pastry. Brushed with golden butter and filled with fresh sauteed spinach, Feta cheese, minced herbs, onion and secret spice mix, you will have a mouth watering beginning to your Greek feast.

Spanakopita Golden Spinach Pie

Another popular Meze appetizer that is vegetarian is the Saganaki Greek aged cheese doused in brandy and set aflame at your table. Ask your experienced server for details!

Flaming Saganaki Cheese

If you are a meat eater, try our popular Shrimp Saganaki served sizzling hot.

If feeling in a cooler mood, try our Three Dip Trio. Served with traditional Greek bread, or grilled Pita triangles, there are many spreads to choose from: Hummus, Taramosalata, Tzatziki, and Scordalia!

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